Littérature britannique et du Commonwealth 1


Composante :UFR Langues et Civilisations

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Période : Automne

Code matière : LIA1M61A


This course introduces students to British literature through various literary extracts chosen in connection with a specific theme. The aims of this course are
● to encourage students to acquire the reading skills necessary for literary study.
● to enable them to construct and convey meaning in speech and writing.
● to help them appreciate the formal ways in which authors achieve their effects.
● to develop their knowledge of literature through a selection of canonical texts proposed by the teacher.

Volume horaire CM : 12
Volume horaire TD : 18
Crédits ECTS : 5


- découverte de la littérature britannique et du Commonwealth
- initiation aux outils de l’analyse littéraire en anglais
- initiation à la technique du commentaire de texte en anglais
- acquisition de la terminologie critique littéraire
- études de différents genres littéraires
- expression écrite : commentaire analytique et creative writing
- expression orale